Criteria for Career decisions

I always offer my consultancy services to the people for them life challenges. Many times, it happens when we are confused to take final decision against any problem. Most of the time, people come to talk with me regarding career planning.

Career planning is very important aspect of life. Career planning will determine by the moral values and vision towards life. I am going to share key points what I always try to figure-out and give my suggestion to interviewer on following questions.

  1. Why you want to change your job?
  2. In which domain are you working in current position?
  3. In which domain will you work in new position?
  4. What else working domains are available in current position?
  5. How many working domains are available in new position?
  6. What do you want to do most?
  7. Can you spend your next five years with the same technology?
  8. Where are you looking yourself after seven years?
  9. What will be the financial or quantifiable advantages if you join new job?
  10. What are the quantifiable advantages you have in current job?
  11. Do you make financial budgeting for your home?
  12. Will new job give you any improvement in your life?
  13. How many people do you know there and how much close relationship do you have with them?
  14. Where are you looking your current company after five years?
  15. Where are you looking new company after five years?
  16. Are you happy with current management?
  17. What do you think current company wants you to stay with them for at least next five years?

These questions must conclude with your happiness, health, and blessing.


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