Selfish people

Yesterday, I attended an interesting event on philosophy and culture. There, I observed two types of selfish people, one those who wants to make logic inductively to make culture distraction and more business oriented. They want to make a central point to control human brain to exploit them in a way to develop progressive business or financial transactions. Second type of people are believes on freedom in a way everyone believes on Allah and enjoy life as they can in a way not to exploit others freedom.

Commercial culture is always interesting study for me to understand it and make application on it. Yesterday, I saw a beautiful video on materialistic culture and the way they capture dump group of people. It is very true; we people are dump and not have the understanding, which is controlling us. In general, all the time, we says, there is one power, so called, Allah or One God, is controlling us and helping us in all directions. It is true in theoretically, but in practical world, we need to produce that environment which gave the trust on One God. Whereas, we all the time, try to advance in a way to control human believes and throw all the things on One God, when things went out of control. In these circumstances, One God will never try to help you in a way until you try to do something to move forward to achieve happiness, health, and blessing.

Happiness, health, and blessing lead us towards normal life. Normal life means care and enjoy relationships, interaction with them and help them as max as possible as per Public Relationship in Islamic Constitution.

We must study few things, one, Public Relationship as given in Islamic Constitution, second, corporate culture and corporate relationship. We have to implement Islamic Laws in our life. No matter what, No matter what people make gossip. Your heart and mind must have strong relational bounding on the lines of Islamic Laws. Once you have the strong relational bounding between mind and heart, than rest of the body behave accordingly. I found, only one-way to develop that relational bounding by using emotion of love to One God. Be love, in the way, you have to make your beloved happy and transform life as your beloved expect from you. Once you start working on alignment between heart and brain then we will experience some spiritual stuff as well. It means, something, suddenly a movie start in front of you to communicate something or sometime a message voice you hear when no one around you, or sometime a message voice you hear when everyone talking with each other on different topics but you are receiving a message on very different context, or sometimes you experience dreams before them time. Along frequency development, we need to study Islamic Laws as feed for that relational bounding that we are going to develop between heart and brain.

Anyhow, lets we develop understanding on commercial relationship with the help of interesting video.


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