How people become living dead body?

Heart is pumping machine to supply blood every part of body. Graph of heart beat looks very interesting for me, because it has so many ups and downs, which shows symbol of life. That means; we can see true active and lively life with ups and downs. It means, sometimes we move very progressive in life and sometimes we face hurdles and problems. There is another meaning of heart sign graph, growth of knowledge and intellectual level. Knowledge and intellectual level means, change and challenges are required to live full of life. If we don’t have changes and challenges in life then it will become a static sign graph which is sign of dead life. Dead line is representation of grave, which can have respect, owner and dignity but don’t have ability to make change around identity and/or accept change around identity.

Have you ever look at your body parts? Every part has different functioning than others. None of them are working same stuff as someone is doing. Every part of the body is supporting each other otherwise, they knows if anyone will stop working then whole body will stop functioning. Identity will not be live any more. Identity will be dead if any two part functioning in the same fashion. That is way; same ideological people become living dead people when they become fascist. Every ideology must have different opinions on the same motto to make them identity alive.

Love with opposite gender can give heart attack or serious scare in your life to stay on the static line and that is remember your beloved forever and never try to attempt to see and meet your beloved and never try to make any kind of problem for your beloved no matter what your beloved do for you. Devine love gives happiness and health only for self and others. I wish to have the ways and tricks to take things out from static line of life to help people.

This time, I am ending blog with different way.

LVU means Love You! [Or] Long Victory for You!


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