How to enable RAR compression operations?

RAR compression has good market in my network and I am Linux lover. By default, Linux does not have RAR related commands. We can install “rar” and “unrar” command to make operations related to RAR compression. Follow these steps to make your Linux RAR compression enables,

  • Take download .gz file location of “rarlinux” from site location
  • Use “wget” command to download .gz file.

[root@localhost tmp] # wget

  • Perform tar operation using “tar” command.

[root@localhost tmp] # tar -zxvf rarlinux-5.0.b4.tar.gz

  • Locate “rar” and “unrar” command on directory by step-in the rar directory.

[root@localhost tmp] # cd rar

  • Copy “rar” and “unrar” commands on root location to make them available every system path.

[root@localhost rar] # cp rar unrar /usr/local/bin

Now, you can enjoy “rar” and “unrar” commands. Enjoy and Have Fun with “rar” and “unrar” commands.


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