Distortion means change in direction from happy, healthy and blessed path of life to sad, unhealthy and unfaith path of life. It can happen with anyone and anywhere because we are living in the world having many kind of human nature due to different understanding of life and nature. These levels defer based on human curiosity and implementation in our life. There are three basic reasons what lead us toward distortion.

1. Fear of job/food
2. Fear of life
3. Fear of ego/respect

1. Fear of job/food is the most common fear in our society regardless either we have society east based or west based. Food is the common necessity of human been to survive in the world where everyone looking the opportunity to snub other person with the dippiest level in a way to take every material values from other person and kill him. Materialistic people know about this fear and use it as weapon to use against other person to achieve materialistic values. There is one power in the world having ownership of supplying food to everyone. That power known as God, then we should not take this responsibility on our own shoulder. All we have to strong faith on God and well to fight against the threat with the powerful believe on God.

2. Fear of life is another fear which is very natural in materialized world. People use second option to achieve those unfair means. We have to remember one thing, our life has few values and death date and time is also listed along other values. Our life in the control of one supreme power of the world, and that power known as God, without him permission no one can take anyone life. Then, we have to live on the path of discipline.

3. Fear of ego (respect) is another most common threat, which mean, someone will communicate negative stuff against you and present you as negative personality or make it human social problems for you. It is very painful and terrible threat, because every person has social life and wants some social activity that means to make communication with others. Due to false propaganda your interaction with people become problematic and the person must have strong brain power to accept and fight against this issue. Another thing, I would like to share with you which is not that much common in understand of Islam, God says in Quran, all respect and disrespect from God and God has complete ownership of respect and respect level will allocate to someone with God’s well. It is very important lesson of life and having strong faith will help us to live our life easy.


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