Yes! Strong tears with smile

Life has many dimensions and some patterns are predictable and some are don’t. Normal life has some foot step, which leads us towards our main goal of happiness, health and blessing. I have wrote these words many time in writings, let me try to explain them easy way.

We always have two options on every point, one, can lead us toward normal life and second, always lead towards exceptional life. Normal life is a path, which has all desires and wishes with ongoing norms and struggle to maintain the status of normal life. Whereas, exceptional life is a path of freedom, where some thoughts or views are exists behind all the action and achieve something extraordinary.

Extraordinary that leads to change in society or has some healthy impact on the freedom of humanity. To achieve something extraordinary, we need complete dedication of life on some direction to establish the things in society.

Strong tears is always has impact in life and change the personalities to motivate to do something extraordinary and dedicate all achievements to the person who gave the Strong tears which a person faced with smile. These people are symbol of carriage, dedication and exemplary to the people. I wish to be one of them having strong tears with smile and achieve something to dedicate everything to the person who gave me strong tears.

Strong people always have their life in order. Even with tears in their eyes, they still manage to say, “I am Okay” with a Smile.” – Unknown


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