Anger management

Good and better employer is always debated, what are the things lead to good employer and what the things leads to better employer are. Today, I would to like to define things in different fashion.

Definition of employee, the person is looking for position up to the expectation to achieve desire and wants.

Definition of employer, the person is looking for the resources to goals at mass level using human resources.

It is universal truth; no one is perfect and can make mistake. It can be done by employee or employer any time but “angler” is the most important element which makes everyone different from other. Sometime employer allocates some task to employees and someone made a mistake. At that time, we can judge best employer and employee for the company by making discussion on mistake. As I have already shared universal truth; no one is perfect and can make mistake and employer understand it very well, but employer must has to know either employee make mistake by intention or mistake. At this time angler is one the key element to evaluate employee loyalty and intellectual honesty with company.

“I start writing good text on management topics but will try to write them in good manor to helpful for everyone.”

As I wrote above statement, to express myself in reasonable fashion to communicate my weakness and honesty to my domains, whereas, if I start writing something in anger mode than things become complicated and different in outcome. Control yourself and don’t hesitate to accept things to make yourself under pressure or vulnerable; it is key to get success in life.


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