Destructive relationship

Destructive thoughts are key element in separation among the couples. God made both genders with some responsibilities and authorities. Every person has to understand and realize them. Lack of understanding or education on universal truth, will make mess in own life and other’s life.

Today, I am not going to write general opinion or universal law on any relationship. That is why, today, I am writing my post against relationship of Big Sister and we call “Appa” in Urdu with due respect and we call Didi in Hindi. One year and few months back, I love this relationship because I supposed and believed most beautiful and caring relationship of life. But my experience taught, it is one of the most corrupt and useless relationship in the world, because, Appa will become Hitler and world most deadly vampire of the world for you, if Appa/Didi/Big-Sister will have bad experience in own life.

I am one of them, who faced ambush attack by Appa/Didi/Big-sister to destroy my life. Yes, I made her successful as she wants, because I still believe on world most beautiful relationship of Appa/Didi/Big-Sister. Although my experience is similar to torture cell of Gontonamo/Wattnam due to Appa/Didi/Big-Sister, but believe me, the relationship of Appa/Didi/Big-Sister is so beautiful if and only if Appa/Didi/Big-Sister has good experiences in life or spending normal life. I have already wrote same thing two times.

I am excited to know few things, which makes problem for me.

· What was the motto behind this torture on me from Appa/Didi/Big-Sister side?

· What Appa/Didi/Big-Sister achieved by doing all this mess?

· Does Appa/Didi/Big-Sister always have the same attitude?

· Does my experience of Appa/Didi/Big-Sister become vampire or any Appa/Didi/Big-Sister always looking blood?

I wish, Appa/Didi/Big-Sister become a most beautiful relationship of the world for everyone. Ameen!

آپا کے نام

اے خدا کسی کو کبھی غم نہ دے
اگر دے بھی تو غم جدائی نہ دے

(خاموش مسافر)


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