There are some important aspects of life; guilt is one of them. Guilt can build in any person when he/she had something most valuable thing inside or made something measurable in life. Which he/she cannot share with anyone; at that time, seed of guild planted in pure person. Which grow up, day by day and it become a plant. The definition of pure person is a person has awareness of honesty and dishonestly on all possible grounds.

Few years back, I had a guilt which I can’t share over here, but I accept it, I had a guild in myself to denying a truth. Last year, I speech out everything, which I had in myself was the cause of guilt due to dishonestly with someone. Although, I experienced the worst behaviors from all sides around me, including the person, I was hiding something from someone most special person for me. More than one year, I faced most terrible life, the life day by day becoming worst for me.

Today is the freedom day. The day, I can say loudly and clearly. Yes! I AM FREE. I AM FREE because of YOU. Now, I don’t have any secrete statement within myself, which gives guilt to me. Yes! I have shared secrete with you and nothing left as like secrete in myself.

Today, just want to say thanks to you to award me freedom. You gave freedom from guilt and want to say to you,



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