Comma vs Full Stop

Life is full of adventures and thrills every stage and/or step. I am going to share few words on them based on my experiences. Life composed with two dimensions, physical form and metaphysical form. Physical form required proofing them characteristic to see, listen, feel and smell them existence. Metaphysical form required proofing them characteristic by atomicity on all the grounds. Human has both forms, physical and metaphysical form.

Application of metaphysical form is very interesting studies for me on the path of society and/or social norm. Our research cannot be complete or valid on society and/or social norms by evaluating any or everything on physical grounds only. There are some existences of metaphysical energies around us that we cannot ignore to complete our studies. Al-Quran talk with humans and says, "human has metaphysical energies that means your action will have reaction in physical world no matter either you do any action in front of everyone or under the ground".

Human body has very beautiful physical attributes with the name ‘brain’ and ‘heart’. Metaphysical energies always exist wherever anything has wave and/or energy particle(s). Parts of human body, ‘brain’ and ‘heart’ having energy particles and waves that proofed by science. Emotions are very interesting field in human because emotions activities lead by ‘brain’ and ‘heart’. These body parts have the capability to lead human energies to give direction towards construction or destruction on any ground. One electron has 1.6×10(-19) electron volt (eV) and it is sufficient to convert any physical particle into energy if many electron volt fire on it. It means to destroy any particle from physical world and transform into metaphysical energy. Metaphysical energies controlled by time energy. Time energy is most interesting energy and it belongs to infinity energy.

Every language define rules and structures either it belongs to human communication language and/or computer programming language. Comma and full stop are very important terms in human communication language and they have very important application to safe humanity. Life has many stages when human emotions become vulnerable and that time can lead towards destruction of world or themselves. Any human can be destructive for the world or themselves if a person plot full stop on themselves at vulnerable time. On the other side, humanity will be safe if a person place comma on themselves at vulnerable time. Safety of Humanity must be done.


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