A formal letter to love

14 – Feb – 0143

My Beautiful,
Love country

Subject: Request for conversation and expression of missing you

Dear beautiful love,

It is great owner for me to find a beautiful love in this world. Where things are complicated, societies are complex in nature and week person in the world, but I found you. I was seating in the dark room in night and looking towards beautiful blinking stars on sky. I was on my bed along the room window. Few stars grouped together and looks you’re your eyes and start blinking as you blink your eyes. Few stars grouped together and look like your smile. Flowers were giving beautiful perfume which I feel whenever you cross to me.

A long time ago, I am living away from you. But, I am feeling you everywhere in everything. I don’t know either it is natural or not. But, I think, I love you so much. Yes, I am still thinking either, I love you or not. I know you, don’t even bother me. Please we should have conversation, because I am missing you so much.

One direction Love,
Ineffectual Love

Address: Deep affection house 143,
missing you street 73, in city of Heart,
Love country.



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