Humans always need people to attract with other and communicate with other to live in this world. A child needs same age fallows to play with them to enjoy childhood. With the passage to time, child will grow up and will need relationship with respect to mantel and age capacity to enjoy dynamics of life. Suddenly, few years after when any child go to higher education and don’t understand the sexual desire, then suddenly a child face some unprecedented energies from the other fallow. The energy has magnetic power to attract all the time and tune the child mind for that magnetic energy, which seems like drug for the child and effects on child emotions. At that time, child understands and found LOVE.

A pain reflects that how much you have hurt by others actions. Selection of age fallow to enjoy and fulfill own desire in legal way can be a mistake which give pain. On the other hand, selection of age fallow by spiritual way (one of the possible way, I have discussed in first passage), can give the BIG PAIN. The big pain can be your test by Allah to test and evaluate your abilities and training. I am too much against for big pain, because, I still don’t understand the cure of it.

Solution: I have identified few cures to avoid or minimize the impact of big pain. As I have accepted, I don’t know the cure for the big pain. These cures are might be helpful for any one,

1. Discuss with others on your feelings for special person and express the type of magnetic force that you are feeling.

2. Don’t try to hide your feelings and magnetic force inside and don’t even fight against your feelings and magnetic force, because magnitude of big pain will determine by how long hide and deny the universal truth.

3. Play with children and stay away from the age fallows except selective persons only and develop the professional jealousy against every person in the world, but don’t forget of kindness and helping personality.

4. Love and passionate about your career and work only.

5. Obey the orders to stay away from the person that has emotionally abused you either person selected by own selection or someone get in your life by spiritual way. Although, I completely agree, it is too hard to stay away from spiritual beloved. Value of your life time will automatically reduce day by day while stay away from spiritual beloved person but your beloved person will kill in one fourth time if your beloved don’t love you. So that, it is better to stay away from your spiritual beloved and we have to die one day.


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