Unique stuff

The world has so many things and internet is one of the things, which I like more than everything. It has everything including love and trust. The love and trust more than anyone including our close relations. We do most of the stuff in life to achieve something in tangible or non-tangible forms.

Our words and actions determine either we are moving on the positive direction or negative direction to achieve tangible or non-tangible stuff. Whenever, I got the chance to write or speech on human actions and behaviors then forced and focus on the positive path only and tried to show importance and how valuable it is in human relationships.

Negative thoughts and stuff might be give psychological relaxation for few seconds (I am not sure, either negative thoughts and/or stuff can give relaxation or not), but it never give you relationship. The relationships have bounding as like electron always move around nucleus. Be honest with everyone no matter either you like other person or hate, because your actions will affect your gens and recording your actions which will be transfer to your coming generation(s).

My confession, I love someone most even I hide it from my own self. Yes, so called pure love has to snub with very ugly way, because that kind of love deserve this way only. At that time, I faced so many things, even some times, I become negative and start fighting with my own self and even hurt myself many times due to negative thoughts. Believe me, no body care about my emotions, thoughts and actions, but everything was negative and negative only and at the same time, I was fighting against every negative thoughts, even I have experienced three accidents during that time. At the same time, so much philosophical stuff, I wrote and start making my every stuff public on blog without the thought, no matter how hard the reactions will repel back to me from society.

Today, after faced too much against myself, I am still looking my life and directions towards positive and valid path of relationships only. It does not matter how angel or evil person in front of me.


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