Hope is very interesting feeling in human. It leads human behaviors and direction of thoughts and actions. However, it gives life and motivation, on the other side, it gives pain and insomnia (emotional disorder) as well when a hope broken.

We need to evolve our personality to excuse hope from life and relay on one powerful source of energy and efforts that we can do it by own. Human is most dangerous animal in this world. It can be evil any movement if it don’t know the difference between evil and good. Always aim for shape up the personality to support and fight for good values. It is too hard to develop fine personality, because it requires a lot of knowledge and cases studies to discriminate among devil road of actions and angle road of actions.

Conclusion: Start focusing on pure and truth based relationships to spend your life happy, healthy and blessed. Once you find any person in life to develop positive and pure relationship than step forward to develop healthy relationship regardless have thoughts of acceptance or rejection from the other side. Because, holding any kind of false hope itself painful venom that can take life in few seconds. In this matter don’t forget important point in case of rejection, which is, don’t be negative about blessing person you found in your life because you found someone have blessing relationship but other person will miss pure relationship forever and you have to move forward. On the hand, any negative feeling for identified person will be your own dark side of face. In case, none of the negative feeling for identified person will be unrecoverable loss in life for the person who put the dark spots on your page.


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