Issues in Our Universities — Students *must* have the courage to make career path by own.

TRUE Conversation between Me and my Student on 14-Dec-2016. I have hidden student name and company name for privacy concerns. The objective of sharing this conversation to highlight Issues of Our Universities. Students must have confidence at own to make them career path by own, otherwise, Doctor faculty is completely useless at Universities.

Please ignore mistakes, it is the real conversation.
Student: aoa
Me: wam

Student: sir I want to take your advice… <XYZ> offered me an internship opportunity in the field of robotics for 4 months…they said that most probably this internship will lead to a permanent job but the job is not guaranted…

Student: but I am thinking that if in case, they didnt give me job then where I’ll go because robotics has limited scope over here

Me: If you have interest in it, then join it… it does not matter… I started my career in VC++… which was not used in our industry because of high complexity. But I learned a lot of things. which help me now…

Student: do u know about ROS…I’ll will work on ROS (Robot operating system)

Me: In my recommendation, if you have interest then you should join it.
Me: yes. It is good RTOS.

Student: whether ROS development has scope in market?

Me: it is not a point about market. do you have interest in it?

Student: because I dont know much about it…so I cant say about my intrest…

Me: you don’t know about your interest then don’t join it. I am crazy about Robotics. I will join it regardless of career options. because I will create my career path by own.

Student: well said sir g

Me: take a decision and make your career path by own.

Student: oky sir…I’ll act upon you advice. Thanks alot

Me: np.

Student: Allah hafiz
Me: AZ

I would like to share my honest opinion. I believe myself as below average person and aiming world renown scientist and big personalities. One thing is clear to me, what so ever I will do, I have to honest and perform *THE BEST* with the challenge to everyone. My challenge is *not* about my proudness because It is my way to *audit myself critically* and other people audit me very critically, because of *Self Ego*. After completion of the audit, I take *countermeasures to improve myself* more and remove noncompliance (mistakes or weaknesses) and appear again for Audit.

Learn from above words, step in the world and build your *name* which no one can question.

 خاموش مسافر


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