University and Culture

Educational institution is the place where we infatuated about lifestyle and personality building environment. Lifestyle and personality building environment will build the culture towards positive direction or negative direction.

I visited universities to know current culture in upcoming generation. I saw clear difference between private universities and public universities and, I evaluated change in last decade. I met few teachers and take them views. I interact with students (boys and girls), and experience them mode of communication with each other.

More or less, teachers views where same about change in culture and students communication. But, I saw clear difference between private universities students and public universities students on them communication. Public sector boys and girls are infected by gossip disease either they have any relationship with any incident or not. Everyone has own imagination and perception about everything. Gossip makes things ugly and unhealthy environment for mankind and society. Islam has clear words on gossip punishments. I can understand impact of the gossip against mankind and society. I will try to write a post on gossip impacts with scientific reasoning and example for better understanding. But, I would like to share conclusion on gossip impacts,

“Gossip is injection for negative thoughts and materialistic personality and anti-emotions”

It is up to you, either select healthy, happy and blessed life or evil spirit life.


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